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FlameFrostbite's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 98 (From 22 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 1,335 Points

A Shiny Minecraft tale

Battle Ready Unlocked 9/29/12
5 Points
Superior Weapons
Mining Tools Unlocked 9/29/12
5 Points
Proper tools for a proper job
Suit up Unlocked 9/29/12
5 Points
Superior Diamond armour
DiamondHunter extraordinaire 10 Points Hunting diamonds is childs play

Medals Earned: 3/4 (15/25 points)

Doodle God

Doodle Almost-God Unlocked 9/29/12
10 Points
Combine 60 elements to advance civilization and your card collection!
Doodle Demi-God Unlocked 9/29/12
10 Points
Unlock half the category groups.
Doodle True-God 50 Points Discover all elements.

Medals Earned: 2/3 (20/70 points)

Escaping the Prison

Legal Ending Unlocked 8/14/12
25 Points
Break out the legal way.
Badass Ending Unlocked 8/14/12
50 Points
Break out the badass way.
Sneaky Ending Unlocked 8/14/12
50 Points
Break out the Sneaky Way
lol brawl reference 5 Points ROFL ROFL ROFL
DONUT WANT! 100 Points ...or do you?
Lots of Effort 100 Points Find all 18 FAILs.
BRAAAGGGHH!! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 3/7 (125/340 points)

Goin Up

First kill Unlocked 9/29/12
5 Points
first Kill
Jump on 10 enemies 5 Points Jump on 10 enemies
I can double jump 10 Points I can double jump
I like my wall 10 Points jump on a wall 20 times
I love dem clouds 10 Points touch the sky
Jump on 50 enemies 10 Points Jump on 50 enemies
Collect 1000 skulls 25 Points Collect 1000 skulls
Combo Breaker 25 Points Fiery Combo of 10
Find the hidden button 25 Points Find the hidden button
Jump on 100 enemies 25 Points Jump on 100 enemies
Kill 20 Spikes in one game 25 Points Kill 20 Spikes in one game
Collect 5000 skulls 50 Points Collect 5000 skulls
Evolve to final level 50 Points Evolve to final level
I can stop at any time 50 Points play for an hour
Kill 200 Goo-..Flying things.. 50 Points Kill 200 Goo-..Flying things..
Kill every big enemy 50 Points Kill every big enemy
Kill every small enemy 50 Points Kill every small enemy
The final Frontier 50 Points reach space
I can't stop at any time 100 Points play for 3 hours
Kill every enemy 100 Points Kill every enemy
Lol Wut? Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/21 (5/825 points)

Hexagon Tribute

Stage 2 Unlocked 10/6/12
10 Points
Beat 60 seconds to enter stage 2!
Stage 3 25 Points Beat 120 seconds to enter stage 3!
Winner 50 Points Beat 180 seconds to win the game!
INSANE 100 Points Beat 300 seconds!

Medals Earned: 1/4 (10/185 points)

Hungry Gamers

Grab Bag Unlocked 10/25/12
5 Points
Grab the bag!
Alliance 10 Points Form an alliance.
Arrows Get 10 Points Defeat Glimmer
Crowd Pleaser 25 Points You call that a kiss?
To the Dogs 100 Points Defeat Cato

Medals Earned: 1/5 (5/150 points)

Intruder Combat Training

adept Unlocked 12/6/12
5 Points
Kill 10 enemies.
headshot Unlocked 12/6/12
10 Points
Get 10 headshots
sniper Unlocked 12/6/12
100 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
killer 25 Points Kill 100 enemies
specialist 50 Points Get 50 headshots
agent 100 Points Finish all 10 missions
maniac Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 3/7 (115/340 points)


First Level Unlocked 12/6/12
5 Points
beat first level
Warm Up Unlocked 12/6/12
5 Points
kick 100 bricks in one level
Burn recovery Unlocked 12/6/12
10 Points
recover burn energy
Combo Maniac Unlocked 12/6/12
10 Points
kick 30 bricks in a row
Insanity Unlocked 12/6/12
10 Points
survive after the ball speedup
C'mon! 5 Points kick 500 bricks overall
Extra Life 10 Points get an additional life
Far Far Away... 10 Points reach 500m mark
Slower please! 10 Points slow down 2 times in a row
Tough Guy 10 Points kick 200 bricks in one level
Unstoppable! 10 Points kick 1000 bricks overall
Ball Controller 25 Points kick 60 bricks in a row
Hurt me plenty 25 Points kick 5000 bricks overall
Only Hardcore 25 Points kick 500 bricks in one level
Real Ace 25 Points reach 1000m mark
Arkanoid God 50 Points kick 100 bricks in a row
The Legend 50 Points reach 2000m mark
Top Water 50 Points reach maximum water level
Completed 100 Points beat all levels

Medals Earned: 5/19 (40/445 points)

Mine Blocks

Crafting Table Unlocked 8/9/12
5 Points
Enlarges the crafting area
Eat Food Unlocked 11/29/12
5 Points
Say "omnomnom" while you do that!
Furnace Unlocked 11/29/12
5 Points
Furnaces will burn and smelt items
Grow Tree Unlocked 6/23/13
5 Points
They're a renewable resource.
Iron Ingot Unlocked 11/29/12
5 Points
Use a furnace, coal, and iron ore to make iron ingots!
Iron Pickaxe Unlocked 11/29/12
5 Points
You can now mine diamonds... sparkle sparkle!
Kill a Cow Unlocked 11/29/12
5 Points
Leather can be made into the first tier of armor
Kill a Nethereye Unlocked 11/29/12
5 Points
They pretty much will freak you out until you do anyway
Kill a Pig Unlocked 11/29/12
5 Points
Pigs drop pork, and you eat pork to live
Kill a Skeleton Unlocked 12/1/12
5 Points
They will shoot arrows at you if you don't
Kill a Zombie Unlocked 11/29/12
5 Points
Careful though - you might need a sword
Mine Wood Unlocked 8/7/12
5 Points
Wood is used in the most important crafting recipes!
Open Door with Wiring Unlocked 12/1/12
5 Points
Open a door with redstone or a pressure plate!
Open Inventory Unlocked 8/9/12
5 Points
You can craft or see your items in Mine Blocks.
Place Block Unlocked 8/9/12
5 Points
Now you can build things
Stone Pickaxe Unlocked 9/30/12
5 Points
With this, you can also mine iron and make an iron pickaxe!
Torches Unlocked 9/7/12
5 Points
Torches will light up the dark
Use a Bed Unlocked 12/1/12
5 Points
Sleep is time travel!
Wooden Pickaxe Unlocked 8/9/12
5 Points
Use this to mine stone and coal
Kill an Enderman Unlocked 11/29/12
10 Points
They teleport, are fast, and do a lot of damage. Good luck!
Blacksmith 5 Points Use an anvil!
Brew a Potion 5 Points Use the potion stand to make a potion!
Fire a Bow 5 Points This is much cooler than using a sword!
Fish a Fish 5 Points Catch a fish with a fishing rod!
Grow Wheat 5 Points Next up, carrots and potatoes!
Kill a Blaze 5 Points They will shoot fireballs at you like crazy!
Kill a Creeper 5 Points They explode if you fail!
Kill a Flaming Chicken 5 Points Nothing's worse than a chicken with attitude.
Kill a Magma Cube 5 Points But they're so warm and cuddly!
Kill a Sheep 5 Points Bahhh! They drop wool.
Kill a Slime 5 Points Just make sure to wash you hands after!
Kill a Spider 5 Points They can climb walls
Kill a Zombie Pigman 5 Points They typically attack in groups!
Return to Sender 5 Points Reflect a ghast's fireball back at itself!
Tame a Dog 5 Points They'll be your best friends in the world!
Teleport 5 Points Use an enderpearl to teleport!
Make Cake 10 Points I'm not lying!
Make Portal Stone 10 Points The next step is going to the nether
Mine Diamonds 10 Points You can't be much fancier than a diamond pickaxe!
Mine Gold 10 Points It's a pretty fancy ore!
Mine Obsidian 10 Points Mix water into pure lava!
Unlock Ender Portal 10 Points Interstellar warping may occur.
Slay the Ender Dragon 100 Points Congratulations! You beat the first boss in Mine Blocks!

Medals Earned: 20/43 (105/345 points)

Minecraft Tower Defense 2

Getting Started! Unlocked 9/16/12
5 Points
Complete the 'Deserted Beach' level on Adventure Mode.
Walk in the Woods Unlocked 9/16/12
5 Points
Complete the 'Forest' level on Adventure Mode.
FAP FAP FAP! 5 Points Complete the 'Slime Pit' level on Adventure Mode.
No Place Like Home 5 Points Complete the 'Village' level on Adventure Mode.
Spelunking 5 Points Complete the 'Abandoned Mine' level on Adventure Mode.
Vertigo 5 Points Complete the 'Ravine' level on Adventure Mode.
3rd Degree 10 Points Get 2,500 kills with lava.
Base Camp 10 Points Complete the 'Mountain Ascent' level on Adventure Mode.
Cold Shoulder 10 Points Freeze 2,500 mobs with a Snow Dispenser
Deja Vu 10 Points Teleport 500 mobs using an Enderpearl Dispenser
Eight Legged Freaks 10 Points Complete the 'Spider Cavern' level on Adventure Mode.
Firestarter 10 Points Get 1,000 kills with a Fireball Dispenser.
Get Your Feet Wet 10 Points Use 100 water.
Have a Nice Trip 10 Points Get 500 kills with Trapdoors.
Into the Night 10 Points Complete the 'Underground Ravine' level on Adventure Mode.
Locked Up 10 Points Use 25 Iron Bars.
Nuke Em 10 Points Get 250 kills with TNT.
Prick! 10 Points Get 100 kills with Cacti.
Sharpshooter 10 Points Get 1,000 kills with an Arrow Dispenser.
Shell Shocked 10 Points Get 1,000 kills with an Egg Dispenser.
Sticky Situation 10 Points Get 1,000 kills with a Slime Dispenser.
To the Summit! 10 Points Complete the 'Ice Peak' level on Adventure Mode.
King of the Castle 25 Points Complete the 'Stronghold' level on Adventure Mode.
We Need to go Deeper 25 Points Complete the 'Nether Portal' level on Adventure Mode.
Arachnologist 50 Points Get to Wave 50 on the Spider Cavern survival map.
Return to Sender 50 Points Complete the Adventure Mode!
Survivalist 50 Points Get to Wave 50 on any Survival Mode game.

Medals Earned: 2/27 (10/390 points)